44mm extruded aluminium electric security window shutter 
44mm window shutters has been a common site for many years on the continent and is growing in popularity throughout the UK. The benefits of such a product include security, thermal, acoustic and light so with one product you can secure you home whilst keeping it warmer, quieter and when you want it darker all at the touch of a button. We are capable of achieving a maximum overall width of 4m (including guides) and a maximum overall height of 3.205m (including box) all 44mm window shutters are fitted with 66mm guides with integral brush strips to allow smooth operation whilst reducing drafts. Standard stock colour shutters are supplied with colour coordinated guides and box as standard. Non-stock colours are supplied with white or brown guides and box as standard, alternative colours are available at an additional cost 
Sizes required for 
44mm window shutters require 150mm, 165mm or 205mm clear above the window depending on size. We can also provide built in window shutters for new build concealing all box and guides into the building itself.  
We do offer this product in a manual push-up pull-down, but the maximum sizes are reduced to 3m overall width (including guides) and 3.205m overall height (including box) and secured by centre lock fitted to the bottom rail.  
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